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Hello. We are the muse family. Welcome to our family Web site. We created this special place on the Web to share our lives with you. We hope this site will enable family , near and far, to stay connected. We look forward to sharing our family news and precious memories with you for years to come! Feel free to use our contact page to contact us.

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Our Story


  In our child hood we were denyed the ability to visit ,and get to know all of our family .
for some un known reason our father   bobbie l muse sr. did not want us toi comunicate with his famly.
 in texas and so we lived out side the knowledge of our family and cousins we had who they were and or where they lived  . We did one time go see every one but this was during a time when my grandfather was sick and was told he did not have long to live so our father did tell us and went to go see him on our way to germany   see my father was in the military  so we traveled with him across the country and  then we went overseas  ,, and later returned to the usa   but we were teens by then and lived most of our lives    in california    away from our family in texas   my father and mother devorced and then we further were separated from our family in texas and over seas    living   thousands of miles from every one we all as chlidren wanted allways  a way to comunicate    but in trying to live our lives  being so far and not seeing our family    we lost track and became distant   from most of them so now we are trying to regain this connection for our children so they can see the family we once new   wneh we were children    ,, so they can learn the richness of our family and its divere cultural connections accross the globe !

Our new family

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